As a photographer’s daughter, I was born into our family business in France and grew up surrounded by photography.  My playground and classroom were the studio and dark room; my toys were film and equipment; and my books were photography and art publications.  It came  naturally to me to use a camera as soon as I could.
From the beginning, portraits were the most inspiring images for me.  I love people and I love giving people something that is uniquely mine and their own.  Highly influenced by the work of Richard Avedon, my portraits are all about the person and less about the exterior details such as location or accessories.  My approach in capturing people is to be inspired by my heart’s connection with them.
My last exhibit, ”A priori” for the Agnès b. galleries, travelled from Marseilles, France to New York City, as I, too, relocated my personal and professional life along with my son Fares, to the US.
My life’s work and passion continues to focus on people, which means…it is about you.
Cecile Vaccaro

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